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Product Information Sheets

Introducing our BRAND NEW product information sheets!

Australian NaturalCare has created a clear and innovative way of acquiring product information. We are excited to announce the launch of our Product Information Sheets.

ANC’s product information sheets include a clear and detailed breakdown of each individual products benefits, active ingredients, excipients, directions for use, allergen information safety / warnings and serving size.

We understand that many of our customers have specific requirements when it comes to their health, so we created these product information sheets as any easy resource to answer all our customer product inquiries and questions.

Our product information sheets can be accessed via three ways

  1. You can find them in the product description section on our website in a PDF download format. Simply click on the link and your sheet will be downloaded 
  2. You can access them via our 'Product Info Sheet'' tab on our website 
  3. You can ask one of our friendly customer service operators to supply you with the product information sheets via email.

You ask and we have listened to your request, contact our team on 1300 365 020 for further information and support.


All product information sheets available are listed below in alphabetical order.


6558 Anxiety Care

6555 A Good Night's Sleep (100 tabs)

6532 Activated B12 1000mcg


4613 Bladder Confidence

4610 Brain and Memory Boost


6530 Calcium + Vitamin D3 & K2

2181 Calcium for Healthy Bones

6557 Cold Sore Plus

1921 CoQ10 150mg One-A-Day Get Up & Go

6551 CoQ10 300MG Ubiquinol

4454 Curcumin


4744 Echinacea 2000 Plus Andrographis

4566 Evening Primrose Oil 1000mg


1177 Fish Oil 1000mg OMEGA 3s

4682 Flexicare Glucosamine and Chondroitin


7810 Garlic Gold 3000mg (360 caps)

6523 Ginkgo 10,000mg One-A-Day


4244 Healthy Eyes

6554 Healthy Eyes Plus

7800 Healthy Greens (120g)

4452 Healthy Joints Glucosamine Sulfate

7802 Healthy Reds (120g)


4181 Korean Ginseng 500mg Super Strength

6467 Krill Oil 1000mg


7809 Liver Care Advanced (60 Caps)


6527 Magnesium Chelate 1000mg

2171 Magnesium Plus

6550 Marine Collagen Chews (Forest Berry)

7791 Marine Collagen Plus Minerals (Citrus Lime Flavour in Sachets)

7792 Marine Collagen Plus Minerals (Cranberry Flavour in Sachets)

7790 Marine Collagen Plus Minerals (Original Flavour in Sachets)

7795 Marine Collagen Plus Minerals (Original Flavour) 108g

7793 Marine Collagen Ultra - Flavour Free (Sachets)

7794 Marine Collagen Ultra 160g

3611 Multi Vitamins & Minerals


1152 Natural Vitamin E 500 IU


6548 Peaceful Sleep (60 tabs)

6541 Probiotic 32 Billion

6472 Prostate Care MAX

6559 Prostate Care Max + Saw Palmetto


4360 Saw Palmetto Prostate Formula

1513 Super B 50

1616 Super C 1000

7813 Super Omega EPA / DHA (90 caps)

4149 Super-Strength Horseradish Garlic A & C


4170 Testofen & Horny Goat Weed


1154 Vitamin D3 1000IU

6524 Vitamin K2 180mcg (90 tablets)


2123 Zinc Plus