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Posted by ANC on 1st Jun 2021

Coenzyme Q10, or coQ10 for short, is a compound that’s naturally produced by the body and is stored in the mitochondria, aka ‘power house’ of our cells. It’s mostly known for its role in energy production in the body.

Not only does our body produce coQ10 naturally, but we can also obtain small amounts from food. Red meat, organ meats, fatty fish, legumes, broccoli and peanuts contain small amounts of this important energy-supportive nutrient.

So, why should we bother supplementing with coQ10 if we can get it through our food, and our bodies produce it naturally? Like with many other body processes, coq10 production declines as we age; and although it can help to top up our intake of foods rich in coQ10, their concentration usually doesn’t match up to the strength you can find in a supplement.

About Our Formula

ANC’s CoQ10 150mg One-A-Day Get Up & Go formula contains 150mg of coq10 per capsule in a handy, one-a-day dose. Like all of our supplements, our coQ10 formula is exclusively made in Australia so you can be assured you’re taking a high quality product.

What Are The Benefits?

CoQ10 doesn’t only play a role in supporting energy levels:

  • Antioxidant Activity

CoQ10 is an antioxidant that helps to reduce free radical damage to our body cells. Free radical damage can be caused by things like cigarette smoking, stress, excessive sun exposure, pollution and eating a poor diet.

  • Heart Health / Healthy Cardiovascular System Function

Did you know that every single day, our heart expands and contracts (aka beats) 100,000 times and pumps a huge 7,500L of blood? We owe this hard-working organ all the support it can get! CoQ10 supports healthy heart and cardiovascular system function.

  • Conversion of Food to Energy

One of the ways coQ10 helps with energy production is by converting our dietary carbohydrates and fats into fuel for our cells. CoQ10 allows for the proper metabolism of these macronutrients so our cells have readily-available energy sources to use.